We hope that the resources below will help you to navigate the Criminal Justice System and make the coping process a bit smoother.

A major part of what keeps Center City Philadelphia safe and attractive are the concerned residents and employees who spend time here.  Without a population that is committed to cooperating with authorities and doing their part in the fight against crime, the safety and happiness we know here would not be possible.  

Below is a list of sources that you may find useful as a victim of crime.


Pennsylvania Crime Victim's Website

Pennsylvania Crime Victim's Bill of Rights 

If you have been subpoenaed and have questions regarding the location of your courthouse, you can click here for more information

If you have questions regarding the Office of the District Attorney of the City of Philadelphia, you can click here for more information

If you are a survivor of Sexual Assault, you can click here to be directed to Women Organized Against Rape*

If you are a survivor of Domestic Violence/Abuse, you can click here to be directed to Women Against Abuse* 

6th District Victims Assistance Officer Colleen Keenan

          (215) 686-3063

9th District Victims Assistance Officer Clifford Mobley

          (215) 686-3089


Victims of crime often feel discouraged, fearful, and isolated. Reassuring support often helps people to recover more quickly from the trauma of a robbery, assault, burglary, or other crime.

If you have any questions about the Criminal Justice System please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns. We may not have the answers to all questions, but we will try our best and make referrals as necessary.
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How CCCVS Stands Out

Center City Philadelphia is a location rich with culture. At any given point there are people with different walks of life who are not only residents of the city of Philadelphia but from surrounding communities, states, and from across the globe. Center City Crime Victim Services is unique in that it employs individuals who are able to assist individuals from an array of different backgrounds. 

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Images courtesy of Kyle Laskowski and Jessica Tomchick.

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